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Sports Study

This programs aim to support student-athletes, identified by their federation, in the practice of their sport and in the success of their studies in high school and CEGEP. They allow them to reconcile their academic and athletic goals, provided that they give priority to their academic success.


By enrolling in such a program, students should expect that the pace of learning will be higher than in regular programs, as less time will be spent in class. They will need to be very independent and serious if they are to succeed.


Ice Texture


Head Coach

Pairs Skating

Head Coach

Ice Dance

Head Coach: Shawn Winter

Partnered Schools

National Safe Sport Program

CP2R's vision is to inspire all our members to embrace the joy of Skating. In partnership with Skate Canada, CP2R places the highest priority on ensuring there is a safe, professional, inclusive, and respectful environment for all individuals in the skating community.

To learn more about how we are making the sport of skating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, follow this link to Skate Canada's Safe Sport website. 

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