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The Advanced Development Program set skaters up for long term success by...

We continue to find as early as possible new talent demonstrating potential towards Provincial/National/International competitions. This program is designed to introduce skater to competitive skating as early on in their skating career as possible, giving each skater access to competitive programs and to be trained by National, International, and Worlds level coaches. 

The Advanced Development program also includes the introduction to the importance of off ice training. Skaters will also partake in off ice strength and conditioning training, ballet classes, and flexibility and motor skill training. The ADP program offers comprehensive training. This will ensure the skaters long term development, and will give them tools to set them up for success. 

National Safe Sport Program

CP2R's vision is to inspire all our members to embrace the joy of Skating. In partnership with Skate Canada, CP2R places the highest priority on ensuring there is a safe, professional, inclusive, and respectful environment for all individuals in the skating community.

To learn more about how we are making the sport of skating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, follow this link to Skate Canada's Safe Sport website. 

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