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Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition – this is what STARSkate is all about!
STAR 1-5

The STAR 1-5 program offers the best-in-class figure skating curriculum in Canada, targeting athletes looking for a future in the sport. Taught by Skate Canada NCCP coaches, the program introduces participants to the basic figure skating elements to create the foundation for singles, pairs, ice dance and synchronized skating.

All skaters in this program must have passed CanSkate Stage 6 or equivalent. Skaters may be any age. Adaptive skaters who have the required skating ability welcome.


STAR 6- Gold is an assessment and event structure for skaters who completed the STAR 1-5 Program. This structure builds on the skills acquired in STAR 1-5 and introduces skaters to more advanced figure skating elements.


Ice Texture


Single skating is a term used to describe the discipline of freeskate. Generally, this is the most recognized form of figure skating.

Pairs Skating

Pair skating involves two individuals skating as a unit performing freeskating moves. Pair skating also includes lifts, death spirals and throws.

Ice Dance

Inspired by ballroom dancing, this discipline incorporates musicality, performances and athletisim to all your favourite rhythms.


Synchronized skating, or “synchro” is a specialized discipline of skating involving groups of eight or more skaters performing various group formations and maneuvers. 

National Safe Sport Program

CP2R's vision is to inspire all our members to embrace the joy of Skating. In partnership with Skate Canada, CP2R places the highest priority on ensuring there is a safe, professional, inclusive, and respectful environment for all individuals in the skating community.

To learn more about how we are making the sport of skating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, follow this link to Skate Canada's Safe Sport website. 

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